Revive car battery completely dead

Ways to Recondition a Car Battery

Don’t give up on your car battery just yet; there’s a strategy that is able to fix your cars and truck battery and make it usable once again.


Exactly what if I told you …

You could simply keep the exact same battery, restore it, and save great deals of loan?

Thankfully, you can with a process called battery reconditioning. Revive car battery completely dead

There are tricks which Tom Reveals here, however will discuss the essentials of how to recondition your cars and truck battery.

Here’s a secret video on the best ways to recondition your vehicle battery from Tom.

ez battery reconditioning

If you didn’t check out the tricks, then pay close attention and learn the best ways to revivify your battery.

Here’s the following steps:

  1. Shut off your automobile – enable cooling to occur for roughly an hour
  2. Lift hood, then detach the battery( utilize a wrench to detach the negative wire before the favorable one).
  3. Cautious to guarantee that your wrench is not touching any other metal parts or electrical shock can occur.
  4. After disconnecting wires, eliminate the battery from the cars and truck.
  5. Now, detach the plastic caps that are on top of the battery cells. Below, you will see where the cells have actually been sealed.
  6. Operate a power drill to make a hole in these marks( cover eyes with googles).
  7. Equip gloves, turn battery upside down and remove contents of the cell.
  8. Slowly add small amounts of baking soda to the container. This neutralizes the liquid.
  9. Repeat the action above for all cells.
  10. Now, mix one part Epsom salt into 3 parts of warm, distilled water.
  11. There ought to be a quart of this option for one cell.
    Pour the option onto the cells, shake it around for a bit and let it sit.Revive car battery completely dead

Here’s how you finish up the task:.

Reconnect the three stage charger to the battery.
Make sure that the battery is off– connect the positive wire initially and then the negative wire.
Set the battery charger to 12 Volts and switch it on. Let charge for 12 hours.
Cover the drilled holes with replacement plugs and position the battery back into the hood and link it to the cables positive very first).
Congrats, you just conserved and revived your battery!

Here is a video to help you comprehend the process much better:.

ez battery reconditioning

An alternative way to restore your car battery is with Epsom salt: